Shamma Sandals werden in Santa Cruz an der kalifornischen Westküste von Hand gefertigt. Jedes Paar ist ein Einzelstück aus hochwertigen Materialien und hat sich in den National Parks und an den Stränden des “Golden State” bewährt.

Neben ihrer handwerklichen Qualität zeichnen sich Shamma Sandals vor allem durch ihren hohen Tragekomfort und ihr einfaches Handling aus. Über die angenehm weichen Klettverschlüsse an der Ferse und auf dem Fußrücken lassen sich die Sandalen perfekt und in Sekundenschnelle an die jeweilige Fußform anpassen.

Land : USA ( Sant Cruz )

Produktionsland :USA

Passform : Sehr Weit

Frauen & Herren

( Shamma Produziert weltweit bekannte minimalistische Laufsandalen. Sehr beliebt, sehr hochwertig. Wir sind die einzigen Händler in der Schweiz 😊)

In 2013, I started Shamma Sandals. Being naive at that time, I could never have known what a challenge it would be – nor how rewarding. The idea was simple: make minimalist sandals that were suitable for running. Since that time, we have improved our sandals, and their uses have also multiplied.

Though we have improved and changed, the idea has remained the same. For me, running is the standard for human movement; speed, agility, and coordination are all required to run, and each of our sandals needs to be designed for this task. To that end, we will continue to create and produce our sandals without compromise.

I have always been surprised by the warm reception our unique little company has received. From the beginning, customers from all over the world have shared their stories – of marathons, of competitions, of adventures in our sandals. Some have found success regaining their natural form, and were able to run again. Others have used them for slack lining, Tough Mudder, Warrior Races, mountain climbing, and all kinds of crazy activities. Some have traveled great distances, others just let us know that our sandals have become their go-to sandals. These stories have really encouraged us to keep going and stay focused on our mission, and for that we are grateful.

On behalf of the team here at Shamma Sandals – Thank You, and Happy Trails!

— Josh


Located among the magnificent redwoods of Santa Cruz, California: our small, home-based workshop strives to make the best minimalist footwear available. Everything is hand-made, hand-sewn, and tailored to your needs.


For Shamma Sandals, family is everything. As a small, family-operated business, we want you to know that your sandals come from people just like you; runners, hikers, and everyday people.